Why Avocado?

This workshop finds its name from an effort to exemplify with a simple metaphor the extractivism that takes place in Latin America and other latitudes in the southern hemisphere. Avocados in the Americas have formed part of people’s diet for more than 10,000 years, and ever since have been a staple food in many regions of the continent. In contrast in recent years this fruit has been commodified due to the increasing demand from the western world. The rising demand is currently causing droughts, poverty and political conflict in the Americas. The overexploitation, and large scale production of cultigens is not new in the continent’s history (e.g. Cacao, Coffee, Sugar, Bananas, etc), but certainly this recent massification of the Avocado consumption mirrors another type of extractivism, the intellectual and cultural that we as researchers are responsible for.

To know more about the problems linked with the mass consumption of Avocadoes, we recommend the following videos and news.